100 Days, Day 014

Street Art.

I love street art. Ever since I can remember I liked graffiti, and loved how it has evolved into something so fantastic over the years. It's one thing I find myself (along with thousands of others) shooting along the way, wherever I might find myself.

My own city has great examples of this art form, as most cities do these days, and when we travel we like to look for it as well (I'm looking at you, Georgetown!).

With little time for computer things these days, I do however have a phone in my hands most of the time. And on it close to 90000 photos. Some, obviously, are photos of street art. So I thought why not get some of them together and post them at Micro.blog, under its own page ?

Done. There is now a street art page at {micro maique}.


This is day 014 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge. You can find out all about this project at 100daystooffload.com.